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Bill Options

Electronic - Paperless Billing

Customers who have access to the internet and have an e-mail address may sign up to receive their monthly bill electronically. We provide a secure environment for viewing and paying your bill available online at no cost, 7-days a week, 24-hours a day (except for scheduled maintenance times).

When you go paperless, we provide a user-friendly online bill display format and e-mail notification when your bill is ready. You will no longer receive a monthly paper bill. Click here to sign up for Electronic Billing.


Levelized Billing

Do your bills skyrocket in the hottest part of the summer or the coldest part of the winter? We provide a plan for any member who has lived at their present location for 12 months, which reduces the problem of some months having a high bill, and other months having a low bill. It eliminates the roller coaster effect caused by weather extremes.
Click here to submit your request.


Invoice Billing

Do you have more than one account with us? We offer an invoice billing program for members with more than one account, which changes the due date to the 7th of each month for all accounts. This program allows you to pay all of your accounts in one check or bank draft, and eliminates writing several checks throughout the month.
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To sign up or learn more about any of these programs, contact your district office or email us.


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