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Pennyrile offers an Invoice Billing program for members with more than one account.  All accounts in the program will be due on the 7th of each month.  The program allows the member to pay all of their accounts in one check or bank draft.


  1. A member may sign up any time of the year.

  2. A member must e-mail this completed application to Pennyrile.

  3. The member's due date will change to the 7th of each month for all accounts in the Invoice Billing program.

  4. A member must have two or more accounts to be eligible for the Invoice Billing program.

  5. This type of billing will be handled just like the regular billing relative to disconnects, lost bills, post mark dates (for late charges), return checks, late charges, cut-off procedures, etc.

  6. This agreement may be canceled by written request, giving 30 days notice, to any PRECC office.  This agreement is automatically renewed each anniversary date, unless canceled in writing by PRECC or the member.

  7. If you read your meter, the reading must be turned in monthly by the 7th.  Please read your meter the same time each month.  In the event PRECC does not receive a meter reading three consecutive months, you will be charged a meter reading fee.  If excessive estimation occurs due to unreported readings, this contract will be subject to cancellation.

To sign-up for the Invoice Billing program, please provide the following information:

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