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Pennyrile provides a "Levelized Billing" plan for any member who has lived at their present location for 12 months, and wishes to levelize their bills by paying only an average each month instead of the actual bill.  This reduces the problem of some months having a high bill, and other months having a low bill.  It eliminates the roller coaster effect caused by weather extremes in this area.

The cooperative will determine the average monthly bill based on the previous eleven months plus the current month.  This average amount is then added to any additional charges; such as security lights, heat pump loan, weatherization loan, etc...


  1. A member must have been at their present location for 12 months and have a zero balance on their account on the day of sign up.

  2. A member may sign up at any time of the year.

  3. A member must e-mail this completed application to Pennyrile.

  4. A computer program will calculate the member's current "levelized bill" using the previous 11 months history plus the current month's usage.

  5. All additional charges are added (for example: security light, heat pump, and weatherization loans).

  6. This agreement may be canceled by written request, giving 30 days notice at any Pennyrile office.  This agreement is automatically renewed each anniversary date, unless canceled in writing by PRECC or the member.

  7. This type of billing will be handled just like the regular billing relative to disconnects, lost bills, post mark dates (for late charges), return checks, late charges, cut-off procedures, etc.  Late charges are charged on the actual amount, and not the levelized amount.

  8. There is no account settlement month unless the member leaves the plan or is disconnected, when a final settlement will be calculated and the balance applied to the next bill due date.

  9. The accumulated balance will not appear on the monthly bill, but is available from any Pennyrile office at the member's request.

  10. Reasons for removal from "Levelized Billing":

    A.  Regardless of what the actual usage is each month, the levelized amount will be the required payment.  If it is not paid, the contract is considered broken and the member removed from "Levelized Billing".  The member will also be disconnected unless they have a credit balance equal to the notice amount or within $5.00.

    B.  If any member is identified as intentionally misreading their meter or in any manner misrepresenting any information to Pennyrile, this contract is considered broken and the member removed from "Levelized Billing".

    C.  When a member on "Levelized Billing" is disconnected for any reason, they cannot re-enroll in the "Levelized Billing" program until the total bill on the disconnect is paid in full.  In any 12 month period a member can re-enter the program only one time, and that must be by management approval.

    D.  If the contract is broken, the member will automatically be removed from "Levelized Billing", with the settlement calculation appearing on the next bill.

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