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New Home Program

If you build a new home that meets energy right guidelines, we will pay an additional $100.00 if an advanced water heater is installed.  The water heater must have a lifetime warranty included to qualify.  This offer is subject to change at anytime.


Making Your Home More Efficient

If you are building a new home or want to make your existing home more efficient, TVA’s EnergyRight Solutions program will benefit you.  It provides information on various types of efficient heat pumps and dual fuel heat pumps, standards for proper insulation, professional contractors for installation, and other helpful energy saving features for your home.  You may also qualify for an incentive for building a new, all electric home or installing a new efficient heat pump in an existing home.  Contact Pennyrile Electric’s Member Services Department for further information and please visit for details.


New Home Program

Are you building a new, all electric home?  We will pay a cash incentive if you have new construction that meets TVA’s energyright standards!  All electric can include high efficient heat pumps, dual fuel (gas) heat pumps, and geothermal systems.  Click here for a Builder Reference Guide.  For more information, check out TVA’s EnergyRight Solutions website or contact Pennyrile Electric’s Member Services Department at (270) 886-2555 or (800) 297-4710.


Air Source Heat Pump

We pay a cash incentive of $200 when you install an electric air source heat pump that has a 13 SEER rating or higher and meets other energyright standards.


Advanced Heat Pumps and Geothermal Systems

We pay cash incentives of $400 when you install an advanced heat pump with a dual compressor or a geothermal system that meets other energyright standards.

  • Incentives are subject to change.


To sign up or learn more about any of these programs, contact your district office or email us.


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