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Not all Pennyrile members pay their electric bill at the same time.  In fact, there are nine pay cycles each month.  The statement you receive will state the date your particular bill is due.  Payment after the stated date will result in the addition of a 5% “late charge”.  After the due date, the bill is considered delinquent and you will receive a notice stating the amount and the date by which it must be paid to avoid disconnection. 

In addition to traditional mail, we offer a number of payment options to our members.  Options are listed below and how they can work for you.


Direct Line For Automated Payments

For your convenience, we have added a direct line for automated payments.  Please have your member number ready, and call (866) 855-2577.


Automatic Payment - No More Checks to Write!!
No worries about monthly trips to pay your bills, late charges and paying bills on time when you travel.  Now you can sign up for our new Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment program. 

The Bank Draft payment plan is available for every account.  It is a convenient, efficient service for our valued members, and allows you to authorize the transfer of funds automatically from either your checking or savings account for payment of your monthly electric bill.


We will send you a bill as usual.  The amount deducted from your account will be shown on the monthly statement from your financial institution.


It is easy to get on the payment plan.  Simply read the following requirements, complete the authorization agreement at one of our offices, and supply us with a voided check or savings account information.

  • Payment will be deducted from the account on the due date.  If the due date falls on the weekend or a holiday, payment will be deducted the next business day.
  • After notification of insufficient funds for three months, this contract is subject to cancellation.
  • If the agreement is canceled for any reason, even by request, the program cannot be resumed for one year unless approved by management.

Come by any of our offices to sign up.


Credit Card Authorization Program
With our Credit Card Draft program, you don’t have to worry about writing a check or sending your payment to us every month. This convenient program automatically debits your payment from your credit card account. Each month you will receive a message on your bill with the date, and the amount we will be charging to your credit card. When you see this message on your payment stub, you no longer need to call in or mail a payment – it will be taken care of automatically!  Access your Member Portal to sign up or discontinue your participation.


Residential Prepay Program

A member who pays a membership and connection fee for membership, may choose to participate in the Residential Prepay Program.  For more details click here.


Online Payments
Online payments can be made by visiting our portal.


You may also choose to pay your bill at the following locations:



Elkton District

Elkton Bank & Trust

124 West Park Street

Guthrie, KY 42234

(270) 483-2531


Elkton Bank & Trust

10275 Russellville Rd

Guthrie, KY 42234

(270) 483-2818


United Southern Bank

SR 107 & SR 181

Clifty, KY 42216

(270) 277-6223


Hopkinsville District

Oak Grove Water Dept.

8505 Pembroke-Oak Grove Rd.

Oak Grove, KY  42262

(270) 439-5433


Russellville District

Lewisburg Banking Co.

 287 N. Main St.

Lewisburg, KY 42256

(270) 755-4818


Lewisburg Banking Co.

780 Hopkinsville Rd.

Russellville, KY 42276

(270) 726-1270


Lewisburg Banking Co.

109 Park Avenue

Adairville, KY 42202

(270) 539-6551



To sign up or learn more about any of these programs,
contact your district office or email us.

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