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Renewable Energy

Pennyrile Electric partners with TVA to offer several renewable energy programs that harness the power of natural resources like the sun and wind.


Green Power Switch

At around 7 million kilowatt-hours per month and growing, Green Power Switch customers purchase renewable electricity from resources such as wind, solar and methane gas. 
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Green Power Providers

TVA offers incentives for customers to help increase the supply of renewable energy in the Tennessee Valley. Green Power Providers (formerly Generation Partners) provides technical support and incentives for homes and businesses that generate their own renewable power.  Please see Pennyrile Electric's specific requirements before applying for the Green Power Providers Program.


Renewable Standard Offer

This program accommodates projects that are too large for the Green Power Providers program. The Renewable Standard Offer is for generation projects greater than 50 kilowatts and less than or equal to 20 megawatts. Developers can enter into a long-term price contract with TVA to make financing the project easier. Biomass, solar and wind are eligible.


Wind Power

Wind turbines can generate electric power anywhere the wind blows steady and strong. Large blades are attached to the shaft of an efficient electric generator. Eighteen turbines have been added to TVA's wind power generating site on Buffalo Mountain near Oak Ridge, TN.


Solar Power

The sun is an incredibly powerful source of energy. Photovoltaic panels harness that power and transform solar energy into usable electricity. When sun rays hit a solar panel, some of the electrons inside become charged and create an electrical current.  Click here for the Solar Calculator.


Methane Gas

There's treasure in your trash. Using methane gas as fuel to power an electric generator actually helps reduce air pollution. Unlike when it's released directly into the atmosphere as a potent greenhouse gas. Energy recovered from methane eliminates the consumption of more than 20,000 tons of coal per year.


Although no source of energy is impact-free, renewable resources create less waste and pollution.  In fact, a green power investment of $8 per month on your electric bill is equivalent to not driving your car for four months.

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