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Residential Prepay Program

A member who pays a $15.00 membership fee and the connection fee for membership, may choose to participate in the Residential Prepay Program.  The membership of a prepay participant is identical to a regular membership of the Cooperative and carries with it the same rights, responsibilities, and liabilities as the membership for any member not in the Prepay Program.



  • A $50.00 prepay reserve fee is required by all participants.
  • The prepay reserve fee will be held by Pennyrile Electric and used toward the final account balance.  Any remaining dollars will be credited to the member.
  • A reconnect fee of $35.00 is required if the account is disconnected for insufficient funds.



  • Prepay participants may make payments in any amount equal to $20.00 or above.


Payments Required

  • $15 Membership
  • $35 Service Charge
  • $50 Reserve Fee
  • $20 Minimum Payment Required


Available Alerts

(Other charges may apply by mobile provider if text not unlimited)
  • Account Profile Change
  • Returned Check Alert
  • Payment Confirmation
  • Service Connected
  • Service Disconnected
  • Service Reconnected
  • Low Balance Threshold Reached
  • Balance and Usage Alert

Member should contact local office if email or text messages are not received.


How to Make Payments

  • Pennyrile Offices
  • Online
  • After Hours drop box
  • Credit Card
  • By Phone


  • Member will not receive an electric bill.
  • Prepaid account can be converted to standard account at any time by paying the required deposit.
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